Kohinoor Dubar Authentic Basmati Rice, 1 kg

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  • [AUTHENTIC BASMATI RICE]: Dubar Rice serves true flavours and makes every meal special and memorable
  • [AGED FOR 1-2 YEARS]: Naturally aged basmati aged to perfection for 1-2 years in paddy before packing
  • [FLAVOURFUL AND AROMATIC]: Ultimate taste and sweet earthy aroma enhance the rice-eating experience
  • [EVERYDAY CONSUMPTION RICE]: Ideal for dishes prepared regularly in households like pulao, steamed rice, khichdi etc.
  • [SELECTED WITH CARE]: Carefully processed in a world class manufacturing facility for daily consumption
  • [AVAILABLE IN]: Kohinoor Dubar Authentic Basmati Rice also available in 5 Kg pack
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