V Nourish Kesar Pista 200 gm

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Kids will be kids, naughty and full of energy. And to say that way, they need the right nutrition. Introducing the all new V-Nourish.

A scientifically designed high protein wholesome nutrition supplement, which as part of a daily balanced diet, helps support.Growth and development to keep your child healthy and active. Go ahead, try it and you will know why it is great for your kids. Real ingredients, wholesome nutrition. 40 Nutri-boosters that support growth, digestion, immunity, brain development and stamina. Contains real fruit chunks and nuts with each sip. High protein to support the growth. Contains 100% milk protein with PDCASS 1 for easy digestion. Contains Prebiotics and Probiotics and they work together to support your microbiome .he community of trillions of bacteria in your body that help it function properly. We have use the Lactobacillus Acidophilus which is present curd and yogurt. V-Nourish has the goodness of botanical extracts like Aloe vera and Ashwagandha. Designed keeping in mind the RDA requirements of children above 5 years. It’s extremely tasty and it contains sugar so, no need to add extra sugar. The product has goodness of real fruit chunks and nuts and is free of artificial flavours, synthetic colors and added preservatives.


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