Tulsi Abjosh/Munakka Diamond Best Quality- (250g * 2)


  • It Helps in Increasing Overall Health of the Body and Immune System, Malnutrition, Illness or Old Age
  • If It Taken Regularly It Will Improve the Strength and Endurance to the Body
  • Tulsi Munaka Helps You to Manage Personal and Professional Life in a Better Way
  • Munakka Has High Amounts of Iron and Vitamins, Which Helps the People from Anemia and Increasing Haemoglobin in the blood Speciality for Woman
  • It Also Protects from Other Diseases of the Blood That are Caused by Chronic Fevers and Inflammation


Tulsi Abjosh/Munaka Diamond Best Quality 500g helps: If your body becomes weak and frail as a result of malnutrition, excessive work, illness or old age, then Tulsi Munakka is highly beneficial to get faster relief. A mixture of Munakka and milk taken regularly provides strength and endurance to the body. This helps to enhance the function of the immune system. Munakka contains high amounts of iron and vitamins, as a result it assists people with anemia through increasing hemoglobin in the blood. It is also helpful in treating other diseases of the blood that are caused by chronic fevers and inflammation. It also has Malic acid that is present in Munakka aids in the easy stool passage. In order to achieve this, you are supposed to mix 25 grams of Munakka with the juice of two lemons and a teaspoonful of honey. Drink the mixture slowly and constipation is going to be alleviated in only a few days. It also helps the people to stop alcohol who drinks regularly.


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