Sip Baking Soda 100g

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This is a Vegetarian product.
  • ONE BOX MULTIPLE USES – Baking soda is a magical powder which has got several amazing usage like cooking, baking, home remedies, cleaning kitchen or bathroom, washing clothes, personal care, deodorizer for refrigerator etc. It helps to remove bad odours and good for your health too.
  • COOKING AND BAKING – Baking soda is an essential part of baking because it is leavening agent (which raises the batter). Baking soda reacts with acids present in food and releases carbon dioxide gas which raises the batter and makes it soft and voluminous. It is used in baking muffins, cakes, cookies. Appropriate amount of baking soda should be added to any recipe otherwise taste of recipe will change.
  • CLEANING & DEODORIZING – Add Baking Soda to your washing machine detergent powder in the ratio 3:1 and get clean and shiny clothes. Baking Soda makes detergent water pH alkaline which is good for hands as well as clothes. Baking Soda can be used to remove odour from refrigerator, to clean kitchen and bathroom tiles and articles. It can also be added to shampoo and tooth paste to increase their cleaning power. Baking soda has the power to freshen and clean seemingly countless spots in your home


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