ACT II Instant Popcorn – Classic Salted, 30 + 10 gm Free Pouch

10.00 9.00


  • An indigenously developed premix of popping corn, oil and seasoning.
  • Goodness of corn
  • Hot and fresh popcorn
  • 0g trans fats
  • Act II Instant Popcorn can be made in a heavy bottomed pan/cooker in just 3 minutes.
  • Act II Instant Popcorn has a mass appeal and is preferred widely, since microwave ovens are still not available in many consumer homes
  • Act II Instant popcorn is an economically priced snack and serves two bowls of popcorn.
  • Available in variety of lip smacking flavors- Classic Salted, Golden Sizzle, Chilli Surprise, Tomato Chilli, Butter Delite, Butter Pepper, Tandoori Tadka and Southern Spices.


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