Veeba Thousand Island Dressing, 300g with Mint Mayonnaise, 300g and Honey Mustard Dressing, 300g


  • Thousand island dressing 81 percent fat free, mint mayonnaise 78 percent fat free, honey mustard dressing 78 percent fat free
  • 100 Percent vegetarian
  • Trans fat free
  • Cholesterol free
  • Manufactured in iso 22000 certified plant


It is one of the classic salad dressings. Very versatile and is delightful with greens and cold meats. Make your sandwich healthier, light and yummy with low fat thousand island salad from Veeba. This sandwich will make you happy yet keep your weight under check. The king of Indian herbs blended with richness of mayonnaise. Excellent for sandwiches, wraps and rolls and salads. The minty taste in your vegetable wrap will add the extra punch to your usual vegetable roll. In this hot summer get a cooling effect with healthy and yummy mint mayo spread into your veggie roll. The mellowness of honey with the tang of mustard, often referred to as the salad dressing of angels. Excellent for sandwiches and salads. Crispy roasted potatoes and zingy fresh herbs, this potato salad is perfect for a healthy anytime meal. The honey mustard dressing will give the salad a sweet and spicy tinge adding more flavour to the dish. Veeba is one of the leading manufacturers of sauces and dressings in India. We are proud suppliers to some of the biggest global restaurant and coffee chains, needless to say we have passed their stringent quality standards. With our internationally certified production facilities and expertise in the food processing industry, we proudly present to you the best range of sauces and dressings to be ever produced here.


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