Veeba Chipotle Southwest Dressing, 300g with American Mustard Sauce, 310g and Barbeque Sauce, 330g


  • Chipotle southwest dressing 78 percent fat free, American mustard sauce 96 percent fat free, barbeque sauce 99 percent fat free
  • 100 Percent vegetarian
  • Trans fat free
  • Cholesterol free
  • Manufactured in iso 22000 certified plant


The goodness of Mexican cuisine packed in a bottle, probably the world s favourite salad dressing. A must in all your sandwiches. Flavoursome delectable veggie wraps combined with the chipotle spread can make you grab more than just one. Indulge yourself in this yummy wrap with creamy Mexican dressing without worrying about the extra fat. Excellent with sandwiches, hot dogs and pizza. Veeba’s american mustard is made from one of the world s best mustard powder. Your hot dog is incomplete without American mustard. Relish into your hot dog with hint of yummy mustard spice hitting your taste bud. The original marinade sauce, enjoy all the flavours of an open air bbq grill in the comfort of your house. When grilled potatoes are tossed with a zesty olive oil mayo will make you crave for more but Veeba assures no guilt with their low fat and light olive oil mayo. Veeba is one of the leading manufacturers of sauces and dressings in India. We are proud suppliers to some of the biggest global restaurant and coffee chains, needless to say we have passed their stringent quality standards. With our internationally certified production facilities and expertise in the food processing industry, we proudly present to you the best range of sauces and dressings to be ever produced here.


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