Monin Vanilla Syrup 1 L

1,000.00 950.00

  • Vanilla pod flavour sublimate in combination with exotic flavours, powder taste and slight brandy smell
  • Used with coffees, dessert drinks, milkshakes, mocktails, cocktails
  • One of the most versatile syrup flavours
  • Available in slightly amber colour
  • Volume: 1 litre


Based on only the finest pure vanilla extract from Madagascar, Monin Vanilla syrup has an exquisite, premium flavour, probably the reason it is one of the top three coffee flavours. A classic ingredient derived from orchids, vanilla is widely used in baking and desserts for its pure, delicate taste. Monin Vanilla is one of the most versatile syrup flavours, enhancing almost any drink and creating mouth watering coffees, hot chocolates, dessert drinks and cocktails. Beverage Innovation Directors tips – Monin Vanilla syrup is a great complement of nut flavours in latte applications. It also fits perfectly in a tea preparation in addition to berry flavours. I like it very much in after dinner drinks built straight in a glass filled with dark rum or brandy. Ingredients Sugar Water Natural Flavour Vanilla Extract Concentrated Lemon Juice Preservative Agent: E202 Directions Create the perfect cocktail using professional ingredients. Legal Disclaimer YES Box Contains 1x 1L Vanilla Syrup


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