Homemade White Rose Syrup 750ml (White Rose)


This Rose Syrup is so versatile that it can be used as the base for so many drinks! This gorgeous floral syrup not only adds a lovely aroma, but it actually adds a subtle floral flavour as well. You CAN make this rose syrup with rose flower petals, but you will need to find culinary-grade rose petals for this and for some this might be hard to come by. I have made this with culinary-grade rose petals before, but I’ve come to prefer making it with rose water (also known as rose water syrup, sharbat syrup or falooda syrup) instead. Here’s why. I always get consistent results with rose water. You can buy good rose water from Asian grocery stores or even online. This is one of the brands that I like to use to make this rose syrup. On the flip side, rose petals don’t always give me the desired result depending on what’s available. I’ve tried using home grown roses (since I know they are organic), and culinary-grade rose petals purchased online. Interestingly, the roses I purchased online provided more consistent result for the strongest floral aroma. Using petals is also an extra step, and it requires soaking them overnight to get the most out of the petals. Rose water on the other hand is obviously less time consuming and you get a wonderfully strong floral smell and flavour.



Homemade White Rose Syrup 750ml (White Rose)


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